High levels of toxins including ARSENIC & LEAD found in ground water in 9 districts of Western U.P.

The quality of ground water in 9 districts of Western U.P.  is extremely poor, and contains very high levels of toxic elements such as Arsenic & Lead, and a high level of total dissolved solids, according to a Delhi based environmentalist, Shailesh Singh. He based his conclusions on replies to RTI queries as well as government documents, as quoted by a TOI article.

The affected nine districts in Western U.P. are Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad, Bijnor, Rampur, Aligarh, Sambhal, Bulandshahr, Amroha and Hapur. As per the environmentalist, the polluting industries and the slaughterhouses are guilty of discharging toxic non-treated effluents into rivers and drainage systems, which are ultimately absorbed into the ground water table, and is used for consumption by general public.

Shailesh singh has already written to the current Chief Minister of U.P. Yogi Adityanath seeking an enquiry,  and indicting local administration as well as senior state bureaucrats for the alarming situation. He has requested for a high-level assessment of the water quality done by a Joint Committee of the Central Pollution Control Board, and a team from an Indian Institute of Technology.

Everyone should be able to get access to clean and hygienic water free from any impurities directly from the tap supply without any RO purifier, not to mention the fact that the vast majority of people in our country can still not afford it. Even for those of us who can afford the RO purifier and mineral water bottles, we still end up consuming the same contaminated water during bathing, washing, etc, and it causes several chronic diseases of skin, eye, hair, etc.

It is our foremost collective duty as the government, industrial units, and citizens of this country that we ensure no toxins and untreated waste are discharged into the water bodies (rivers, drains, etc.), as failure to implement this strictly will eventually come back to haunt us in getting the same contaminated water supply at our homes. And it is one of the root causes of most imbalances and diseases in our body, many of which can be chronic, life-threatening, and even fatal with constant usage. It not only has a serious adverse impact on our family’s health, but also results in significant increase in the healthcare and medical costs of a family over time. It’s high time that we all take a non-negotiable stand together on this issue, and raise our voices against this indiscriminate pollution of water bodies.

We, at FindMediGo, strongly support the environmentalist’s view that immediate high-level enquiry should be carried out to assess the water quality, and urgent corrective and remedial actions should be taken by the current U.P. and Central government to shut down the polluting industries, enforce proper treatment of toxic effluents before discharge into water bodies, and take measures to make safe water available for consumption in all these affected district areas. The entire exercise should be completed in a time-bound manner within a maximum of 3 months, given the grave health dangers and implications, it poses for the general public and the society at large.

We also request our esteemed readers residing in or nearby these areas of all 9 districts of Western U.P. to put pressure on their respective area administration and government through RWAs to regularly carry out tests to monitor the quality of water supply, and voice their concerns on various offline/online platforms such as FindMediGo.com to create awareness about this critical issue. If we ignore this issue today, we will have to bear the health consequences for our family tomorrow, and by then, it will be already TOO LATE.


1. Article in Times of India dated Aug 10, 2017, Web Page Link

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