Felix Hospital, Sector-137, Expressway, Noida is running a Discounted Camp during 29 Sep – 31 Oct

Felix Hospital, situated in Sector-137, Expressway, Noida is offering special discounted rates and packages for diagnostic tests, invasive procedures and surgeries to cater to the medical needs of patients especially from lower income group during 29 Sep – 31 Oct 2019.

During this month long period, following special discounted packages will be provided for patients (Please note: These packages are applicable only for General Ward patients):

For heart patients, special offers include:

  1. ECHO & T.M.T. testing: 50% discount
  2. Angiography: Rs. 4,999/- only
  3. Angioplasty : Rs. 69,000/- only (excluding stent cost)

Other special offers include below procedures & surgeries (package cost includes cost of medicines and consumables):

  1. Normal Delivery/ Hydrocele: Rs. 8,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs. 22,500/-)
  2. Cesarean Delivery: Rs. 24,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs.55,000/-)
  3. Hernia/ Gall Bladder Stone: Rs. 24,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs.55,000/-)
  4. Cataract Surgery (including standard lens): Rs.11,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs. 18,000/-
  5. Appendix/ Piles Surgery: Rs. 14,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs. 35,000/-)
  6. Tonsillectomy/ Nose Surgery: Rs. 14,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs.35,000/-)
  7. Ear Drum Surgery: Rs. 19,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs. 36,000/-)
  8. Kidney/ Ureter Stone (Unilateral): Rs. 34,900/- (Regular Price: Rs. 63,000/-)
  9. Prostrate Surgery/ Thyroidectomy: Rs. 34,900/- only (Regular Price: Rs. 63,000/-)
  10. Total Knee/ Hip Replacement (Unilateral) – excluding Implant Cost: Rs. 89,900/- (Regular Price: Rs. 1,45,000/-)

Important Note: Schedule and Validity details are given below:

  1. Offer Period: 29 September – 31 October, 2019
  2. Timings: Monday – Saturday (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
  3. Above offers are valid for General Ward Patients Only.
  4. Applicable on Cash Payment Only.
  5. Terms and Conditions Apply

Please share this information and article with needy patients in your vicinity/ circle, who can’t afford the high cost of medical treatment and surgeries. For more information and details, please contact Felix Hospital 24/7 helpline at: 7835999444 / 7835999555


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