Child Vaccination Schedule recommended by Indian Academy of Paediatricians (IAP)

For vaccination of children (new-borns, infants, & toddlers) in India, parents are advised to follow the updated immunization schedule provided by Indian Academy of Paediatricians (IAP) in 2016 on their official website. The list and timelines of child vaccination are provided in the weblink below, and it contains all the mandatory and recommended vaccine doses, relevant in the present Indian context.


Given the significant rise in incidences of serious illnesses and life-threatening diseases, it is important to vaccinate all children and develop their immunity against the high-risk infections from a very young age. Timely vaccinations can save a lot of premature child deaths and boost your immunity and health, as well as reduce your family’s medical expense burden significantly in the long term.

Further, several additional precautions need to be kept in mind. While buying a vaccine from the pharmacy drug store or during vaccination by your doctor/hospital, please ensure that the

  • Vaccines are stored by the pharmacy/hospital under prescribed refrigerated conditions at all times which has adequate power backup facilities (usually maintained at 2-8 degree celsius).
  • Vaccine’s original seal packing is intact and its expiry date has not elapsed yet. And only new disposable syringes should be used.

Please also consult your family paediatrician for any further details and clarifications regarding the suitable vaccine brands, side-effects, and other precautions that need to be taken during vaccinations.


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