About Us

The idea of developing FindMediGo.com was conceived in light of the prevailing medical & healthcare scenario in our country, which is highly unstructured, fragmented, and unsatisfactory to say the least. The growth in quality medical services has failed to keep pace with the burgeoning demand for healthcare facilities, and even if the quality services are available, they are primarily limited to a select few areas, and largely remain out of reach of the common man due to factors such as affordability, accessibility, & lack of awareness.

To add to the existing inadequacies and woes of the medical system, there have been increasing instances of malpractices being carried out in the name of medical services, so much so, that the common man has become disillusioned and started to lose faith and trust in the entire medical setup due to presence of certain unscrupulous elements such as quacks and unethical practitioners as well as government apathy and indifference towards this field, which bring a bad name and reputation to this very noble medical profession.

To get an idea of the current state of medical and healthcare system in India, one must read this book “Dissenting Diagnosis” written by very senior and experienced practitioners of Modern Medicine, Dr. Arun Gadre & Dr.Abhay Shukla, who interviewed multiple practicing doctors, specialists, and super-specialists across various Indian cities, and brought out the frightening facts and shocking realities of our healthcare system in the open domain for public knowledge.

However, it is also true that there are a very large number of government & private hospitals/ doctors as well as service providers, who are doing excellent work in the field of medical research, teaching and patient care, and providing invaluable service to the nation and humanity through self-less service and 100% commitment to patient welfare. And they work 24/7 tirelessly throughout the year to address the needs and problems of the patients in the best possible manner, in the face of extreme odds and adversity, and even at the expense of their own health, social and family life. As such, it would be very unfair to generalize and judge all medical practitioners and service provider entities by the same yardstick of corruption & malpractice. But the fact remains that corruption & commercialization in this field has increased manifold.

Our foremost endeavour through this initiative is to help make the system clean, transparent, fair and standardized for all the stakeholders involved – medical fraternity, healthcare service providers, and most importantly, the patients and end users. We have just started out with a simple and basic online platform, and we are fully aware of the significant challenges and pitfalls  that lie ahead of us on this long and arduous journey. But, every journey of a thousand miles begins with a single small step, and we are fully committed to make our distant dream a reality very soon.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep…                                                     But I have promises to keep,                                                                         and miles to go before I sleep….

Over the last decade, numerous online platforms have emerged which aim to address similar issues, however, they have only met with very limited success so far. We do not aim to compete with anyone, rather we are looking to carve out our own niche and path, and stand out with our strong focus on patient empowerment. We, at FindMediGo.com, strongly believe that together with your support, we will be able to bring about this change and make a positive impact in the health of over a billion people of India.

Hain aur bhi duniya mein sukhan-war bahut achche,
Kehte hain ki ‘Ghalib’ ka hai andaaz-e-bayaan aur….

There are other poets in the world, very good, well known..
But Ghalib, they say, has a way of expression all of his own…

Ethical Medical Healthcare.